Sheep Dog IA Gear Site is Up and Running!

Hey everyone! It's an exciting time at Sheep Dog IA! We have launched our new website which really shows what Sheep Dog IA is all about. I am excited about the changes on our website. It gives you a chance to see all of the great things that SDIA has accomplished in the past 2 years. I am really excited about our new gear site. It is finally up and running. We have a lot of great new items that I hope you all enjoy.

I have two new shirts I am excited about. The first is our Brand New "Make No Mistake" tshirt. We are currently taking pre-orders for a ship date of 2/14. This shirt truly defines what it means to be a Sheep Dog. Show your pride for all of our nations Sheep Dog's by ordering your shirt now.

The second shirt is our New Red Distressed tshirt. The Black Distressed tshirt has become one of our most popular items so we added Red to the collection. I am sure that the Red is going to be a great seller. The fabric is a 50/50 mix and has great style along with comfort. Get yours today by checking out our website.

I would love to hear feedback from you, so please let me know what you think about our gear!

Until next time,


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